About Debby

Debby Detering began her B.A. at Brown University.  After summer work in Seattle, marriage, and two of their four children, she finished at Central Washington University.  Debby and her  Other Half have been traveling together for half a century: Washington State to Massachusetts, Texas to Canada, flying to Turkey, and sailing through the Panama Canal.

Debby’s fiction explores family relationships with mingled conflict and caring and reflects her experience in emergency foster care, often for teenagers abandoned in one way or another.

Her current work is non-fiction, Panama and Beyond, a collection of family letters.  Join Debby in exploring Ellen’s cure for seasickness, Mabel’s opinions of her cousins, Charles’ favorite poets, Will’s visit at the port where Captain Ead’s ship railroad would have ended.

Next-finishing a young adult novel about teenage brothers deciding how—or whether—to live, and a middle grade series about Aunt Tabby’s impulsive adventures with nieces and nephews in Turkey and Timbuktu.

Her publications include “Beyond Fathering,” (Christianity Today), “Dear Elizabeth, Have We Taught You How to Doubt?” (in Faith Questions, David C. Cook Company), and other articles and stories.   Her book, Three Tales:  God with Us, is available from Amazon.

Heading layer

A field of daisies

When I was a child visiting Cousin Mabel in the summer, one of my jobs was to pick up the mail,
and the path to the mailbox
crossed a hay field with daisies.

with Family and Friends

Work-worn hands
bringing me
the first blue iris

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Chocolate chip cookies
Purring cats
Daisies blooming in a hayfield
Grandchildren turning cartwheels
Fresh sea-salt and seaweed scent on the Cape Cod coast
The first blue iris her Other Half brings in from his garden in spring.
Louisa May Alcott’s books (not only Little Women!)
Historic markers along highways
Camping with hot chocolate at bedtime and pancakes for breakfast
Cooking for dinner with family and friends– the more the merrier
A whole day with no obligations and a good book
Piles of antique books smelling like dust and old leather

Nature walks
Hugs from children and grandchildren
Chocolate bread pudding topped with marshmallow creme.