Debby’s Books


(or whatever the title turns out to be!)

Derek:  If your own parents don’t want you, why would anyone else?  Who cares about current events, or fractions, or topic sentences?  School is irrelevant and his caseworker plans to send him to the nut house (she calls it something else, but that doesn’t fool Derek) so why keep on living?

Nate:  That Judge has no right to take a kid from his job in a traveling carnival and dump him in foster care.  As soon as Nate can cover his tracks and get back to Angie, they’ll make a real home together,  the kind Nate dreams about, and nobody—not even his brother–had  better get in his way.

Will Nate and Derek make the choices that set them on the road to becoming responsible adults?  Who is going to care what directions they go?


She arrives–unexpected–in Adana, Turkey. She thinks her grand-niece Sarah can help her write a book, but when Sarah plans a different  (and totally outrageous) trip, they are both in big trouble.

Aunt Tabby’s trip to Adana is just the beginning.   When she leaves Adana, she’s on her way to visit her nephew Rick in Texas, just in time to help that family move back to Idaho where Jeremy and Katrina open old wounds from Viet Nam and uncover a family secret.

…and that leads to Timbuktu…

Go with Jeremy and Katrina to search for Dad’s long-lost friend in Africa.
Get up in the middle of the night to see the Berlin Wall fall.
And when war breaks out in Iraq, find out if the cousins from Turkey make peace with the cousins from Idaho.

Warning:  You’ll have to stick with me through detours and side trips while I scramble to meet deadlines and maybe even clear up my desk.