Aunt Tabby’s House

Aunt Tabby’s House

If Dad doesn't believe in ghosts, what keeps him away from Aunt Tabby's house?

About the Book

“She surprised us,” Dad said.
“That’s an understatement.” Mom came in from the kitchen with a pitcher to refill Aunt Tabby’s glass. “She called from town, so I called Dad and he picked her up, and they decided it could be called a family emergency, so he didn’t have to go back to work. You remember Aunt Tabby.”

Katrina and Jeremy remembered this tiny white-haired woman from last Christmas. Suddenly she’s part of their life, but why does she talk about ghosts in her house, and why doesn’t their brave Vietnam veteran father avoid going there? Now they’ll have a chance to explore and find clues to what hurts too much to remember…

About the Author
Debby Detering

Debby's fiction centers on family interaction and relationships. Her only published nonfiction is "Panama and Beyond"

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