Life Piles Up

June 15, 2019

This is the home we planned, built, decorated, finished (almost–I don’t think one every truly finishes). We’ll spend the rest of our lives here.

Spoiler: Every home we have ever owned, we have thought we would live there until God calls us to one that will never fade away.

June 22, 2019


  • We’d see more of our grandchildren before they are all grown up and out of the nest.
  • Skus would see his brothers more often–while there are still four.
  • If we combined assets with the daughter and family there, we’d all have more of what we want in houses than if we bought separately.
  • Now we’re living outside city limits with no public transportation available. What happens when we both give up driving?
  • Skus settled it: “We have to move while we still can.” Because if we wait too long, someone else will have to do it for us.

August 26, 2019

Our joint offer was accepted on a home with an accessible daylight basement suite for us, main floor with a lovely kitchen and suitable living space, upper floor with bedrooms for the two generations following us.


I’m sorting stuff, stuff, and stuff. Packing boxes. Finding out what children and grandchildren want, either now or later. Trying to let people know I have two books DONE, Three Tales and Panama and Beyond. Hoping to finish the first draft of the next book (a novel this time) before we move, while I’m living near a good editor. Learning to care for a cat with thyroid trouble and very thankful she’ll take her fish-flavored medication mixed with food. Setting aside furniture we won’t need to sell locally. Collecting, copying, sending financial information necessary for the joint mortgage. Totally NOT thankful for August heat.